Friday, 24 February 2017


JWee have spent the week using our skills as scientists and engineers to design a rocket powered by a balloon engine. We have been talking about some really tricky scientific concepts, using scientific language linked to forces and motion and properties of materials. After a demonstration, we came up with this diagram to explain how a balloon powered rocket works. 

We tested a range of materials to see if we could reduce friction and air resistance and we though hard about how we could increase thrust. We investigated the difference between starting our engine high and starting it low and considered the impact of gravity. 

We also spent time considering how the material of the rocket itself would affect it's efficiency. 

Our first designs are ready to be tested and evaluated. For some of us, it's back to the drawing board....

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Branching databases

We spent time honing our historical questioning skills, by playing astronaut 'guess who'. We used the questions and answers to create the beginnings of branching databases, a skill which will help our thinking across the curriculum. Exploring similarities and differences is more complex than it looks and we had to really focus on ways we could split a group roughly in half to make our questions work hard! 
We started with a game of class 2 "guess who" to practise asking closed questions.