Monday, 10 October 2016

Harvest around the World

We learned about climate zones and considered how this might affect harvests around the world and then worked on our skills with an atlas and globe, locating the UK, Uganda and Cambodia. Some budding geographers decided to find out how many countries lie on the equator. The worked very systematically... How many do you think there are? Can you name any? 

Active Reading

This week's reading workshop has focused on instructions and reading for meaning. After reading the instructions for making a paper sunflower, the groups had to work collaboratively to actually make one! Some of the groups did an amazing job of dividing up the work. Following recipes was the next challenge, as the groups worked independently to follow a recipe incorporating seasonal produce. Some children made blackberry bites completely independently and some had the help of Mrs Daniel as they improved their skills across the curriculum. There was still plenty of time for some reading games and reading for pleasure too!