Friday, 9 December 2016

Investigating factors

Which number from 0-20 has the most possible arrays? 
These girls worked systematically and and collaboratively, demonstrating exceptional reasoning and teamwork to solve this tricky problem. 

Understanding Christianity

Assessment day of our understanding Christianity project, in which we attempted to answer the question, "Why does Christmas matter to Christians?" 
We have been working hard on our critical thinking, using blooms taxonomy to progress through the levels of thinking, from remembering all the way to creating! 
Lots of us are working at the highest level, creating, attempting to write a new Christmas carol that reflects the themes of the nativity, which we identified earlier in the week during our analysing phase. 
*****Evaluating: how do these books relate to the Christmas story? Would you recommend them to a Christian? 
******Creating: Write a new Christmas carol that reflects the themes of the nativity story

***Applying: retelling the story of the first Christmas from the point of view of someone who was there. 

Friday, 11 November 2016

Harvest Festival

Thanks everyone for supporting our harvest festival and bring and share lunch. 

Conflict Resolution

As part of our PSHE learning, and thinking about this term's big theme exploring 'balance of power', we took part in a conflict resolution workshop. We used roleplay to explore various different scenarios and considered how conflict could be avoided or resolved. We came up with 7 key strategies. 

1. Think as a team
2. Be mindful of others
3. Don't lay blame
4. Ask questions and listen to the answers
5. Offer support
6. Make useful suggestions
7. Speak up

Lots of children showed tremendous reciprocity, demonstrating empathy, mindfulness and positive solutions. 

Monday, 10 October 2016

Harvest around the World

We learned about climate zones and considered how this might affect harvests around the world and then worked on our skills with an atlas and globe, locating the UK, Uganda and Cambodia. Some budding geographers decided to find out how many countries lie on the equator. The worked very systematically... How many do you think there are? Can you name any? 

Active Reading

This week's reading workshop has focused on instructions and reading for meaning. After reading the instructions for making a paper sunflower, the groups had to work collaboratively to actually make one! Some of the groups did an amazing job of dividing up the work. Following recipes was the next challenge, as the groups worked independently to follow a recipe incorporating seasonal produce. Some children made blackberry bites completely independently and some had the help of Mrs Daniel as they improved their skills across the curriculum. There was still plenty of time for some reading games and reading for pleasure too! 

Monday, 26 September 2016

Running Dictation

Class 2 enjoyed a running dictation to support their visual memory, improve their use of letter names for spelling and develop their learning powers. The "gatherers" had to collect information to bring back to the "printers" in order that the printers could recreate the page from our core text on their sheet of paper. This required good communication skills, organisation, strategic thinking and at the same time, helped them to understand more about the traditions of sukkot in Juadaism. 

Some teams did very well and gathered loads of information, with their printers managing to recreate much of the text. How do you think they compare? 

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Some last minute independent writing...

3 dedicated little people kept focused right until the close of play today to produce some fantastic, child-initiated, collaborative, cross-curricular acrostic poems about autumn; demonstrating scientific, religious and geographical understanding! What have you done today to make you feel proud??? 

Working Walls

Here are this week's working walls for English and Maths. It is São important that you talk to your child about what they have been learning about and these walls, as well as supporting your child's learning, should help you to better support your child in their learning at home,  as well as giving you some discussion starters to ensure they can talk to you about their days. No longer can they answer "nothing" to that age old question, "What have you done in school today?" 

More Snazzy Sukkahs

The mission? Read the information in our class text about building a sukkah, and then build one following the Jewish traditions.... 3,2,1....GO!

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Comparing numbers

During maths workshop time today, we spent time exploring the symbols <,> and = using all kinds of apparatus and resources.